Catalonia Today


Trousers down for Christmas

Rosalía, Johnson and Thunberg are among the most popular caricatures for this year’s traditional caganers, as towns turn on their festive lights


A government at last for Spain

Pedro Sánchez’s Socialists again fail to get a majority in the November 10 election, forcing the party into a deal with Pablo Iglesias’ Podemos party


Protesting the sentences

Jail terms for Catalan independence leaders unleash a wave of protest and unrest across the country, while late dictator Franco’s remains are finally exhumed


Objective independence

Tens of thousands again turn out in Barcelona on September 11 to call for self-determination, as grape farmers go on strike over prices with the harvest near


Open Arms saga unfolds

News is dominated by the Open Arms saga that sees the Catalan NGO desperately seeking safe harbour, while Rosalía is a big hit at the MTV awards


Moon landings remembered

As the world celebrates the 50th anniversary of humanity reaching the moon, closer to home Barcelona declares war on illegal street traders


Broken by Brexit

Theresa May throws in the towel after failing to secure a deal on the UK’s exit from the EU, while Barcelona is chosen to host a European supercomputer


Scotland seeks a second vote

Thousands in Glasgow call for a second independence referendum, while Leo Messi becomes only the second footballer to win the Creu Sant Jordi


Landmark catastrophe

Tragedy in Paris as the city’s Notre Dame cathedral goes up in flames, while Assange is arrested in the UK, and Sánchez wins the general election