Catalonia Today

A year of plural art

A new season of exhibitions has begun, with variety being a big feature as many of the leading art venues attempt to find ways around ever stricter budget restrictions


If art is to be meaningful it has to say something significant from the private or public world; one artist who does this is Barcelona’s Xavier G-Solis.Having seen some publicity for his upcoming exhibitions...

Test of independence

Arguably Catalonia has been the utmost test to Spanish democracy in the past 40 years. Madrid has faced the Catalan problem using an old regime manual, far from the standards in today’s Western democracies....


You’re involved

“Ecology? Look it up. You’re involved.”So it began, on posters plastered across Vancouver fifty years ago, the movement that matters much to me, to us as a family. That my wife is Canada-born is...


DODGY democracy

Test d’opinió

Catalan clubs faltering at start of 2020

The presenter of El Punt Avui TV’s The Week in Football, Barney Griffiths, analyses the varying fortunes of Catalonia’s leading football clubs during the months of December and January

Energy and social transition

An effective approach to tackling climate change over the next decade requires a radical overhaul of not only how energy is currently produced, but how it is consumed

Where we’re headed

InequalityThe rise of inequality is something that just about everyone accepts as fact. Yet, it also depends on whether the comparison is between countries – in which case the differences are reduced...

The end of cash

Cash makes up 10% of the money that exists in Spain (the rest is deposited in banks). At the same time, 50% of the payments we make (both in volume of euros and in the number of times we pay) are in cash....